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The largest petrochemical company in Russia

On the way to digitalization, we accept your proposals for business modernization and the introduction of new products


SIBUR invites for cooperation

People who are ready to offer new unique industrial solutions for transforming various areas of the company's activities
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About us

What is the Innovation Center?

We have many actual technological challenges that require specific and custom solutions
A channel that helps to attract an external expertise quickly with the purpose of solving SIBUR’s current problems
Our main task is creating of a "single window" for suppliers of innovative products on the Russian and foreign markets
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Why does SIBUR need your offer?

Technological challenges
Company culture
SIBUR solves a lot of issues that require introduction of the most modern technological tools, specific and custom solutions
The company's key priority is people. We solve unique and non-standard tasks, introduce new solutions due to the professional competencies and contributions of our employees and partners. We strive to reveal and combine talents, develop our teams to achieve a common result
Smart result is one of the key values of SIBUR. We modernize our processes and apply advanced technologies to achieve real business results. To do this, we are constantly testing new tools from different technological areas such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, robotics, HR-Tech, Industry 4.0

Do you have any finished product?

You can offer

Your own technology on other topics
Digital solution for specific business tasks
• 5 reasons to apply

5 reasons to apply now

You will be able to get an access to real business tasks and internal expertise of the company
It is an opportunity to conduct approbation, testing, piloting and implementation of a technological solution
You will get an assessment of the applicability of your solutions through the prism of actual business needs
You will be able to suggest your technology or product and to get a quick feedback
You can also participate in open digital events of SIBUR


The list of requirements to the teams

You have one or more key specializations
You have sufficient experience and qualification to develop or implement solutions / part of the solution independently
You are interested in developing solutions that are not yet on the market
You are ready to cooperate with other teams and business customers in the development or implementation of a complex solution
You have experience in creating a custom product over the last 12 months
You are ready to work within a short time frame (prototype in 3 months)

3 stages

The process of applications takes place in 3 stages and each company will receive a feedback:
Primary analysis
Expert review
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Who we are looking for

What competencies do we need in the first place

Digital transformation of SIBUR started at the end of 2017. During this time, we have modernized and optimized main manufacturing and business processes by introducing new technologies, automation and digitalization
We have already received noticeable economic benefits, improved safety at work, made the work of employees more convenient. New ambition goals are waiting for us and we need to implement and develop new tools from different technological areas, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, robotization, HR-tech and gamification, Industry 4.0
Do you have an idea or a new product? Do you know how to improve our business and want to cooperate with a large manufacturing company? Submit your application right now and we will contact you as soon as possible
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SIBUR digital developments

IIoT Sensors
IIoT Sensors
Vibration Control System ExV-01
Unique IIoT-device for measuring vibration velocity of RMS readings in mm/sec and temperature in degrees Celsius. It is used in explosive environments with subsequent transfer of obtained values via LoRaWAN wireless protocol
All the characteristics
IIoT Sensors
IIoT Sensors
ExT-01 Temperature Control Sensor
Unique IIoT device for controlling unit temperature in severe climatic conditions at oil, gas enterprises and any other production enterprises. Temperature readings are measured by a remote sensor of various shapes and transmitted via LoRaWAN protocol with a configurable period of messages’ sending
All the characteristics
IIoT Sensors
IIoT Sensors
Unique IIoT device for internal personnel navigation system uses at production enterprises with no GPS coverage. The transponder periodically broadcasts the signals containing identifying information serving as the basis for the mobile object position calculation
All the characteristics
IIoT Platform
IIoT Platform
Internet of Things platform
• Fast connection of LoRaWAN devices to the network
• Convenient placement of sensors
• Graph’s data visualization
• Event list and sound notifications
All the characteristics
AR Platform
AR Platform
Remote Expert AR
SIBUR has developed and implemented Remote Expert AR solution, focusing on:

• Rapid attraction of internal and external
• Сompliance with security requirements of work, including explosive areas
• One service with a lot of application possibilities
All the characteristics
Industrial smartphone
Industrial smartphone
SIBUR Ex50 Smartphone
The explosion-proof smartphone SIBUR Ex50 is designed for use in industrial environments with increased risk: oil and gas enterprises, coal mining, chemical enterprises, marine transportation of hazardous substances
All the characteristics